October 04, 2019.

Home massage: All you need to know

Getting rid of swelling, recovering from stress and fighting cellulite

Let’s be honest: most of us live in a completely frenzied rhythm – which, alas, does not allow us to devote as much time as necessary to ourselves and our health. But it is our inner state that determines the efficiency of our work, the color of our skin, and our overall health. “So, all excuses aside: be sure to find “windows” for at least a good massage! – says GlossyGlobe founder Margarita Komarovskaya. – In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to quickly recover from a hard day’s work and to recharge the energy for the week ahead. Do not spare these one and a half hours: the investment will justify itself with more than enough. Moreover, the GlossyGlobe will allow you to save a huge amount of time – you do not have to go to the spa or salon. One click and a qualified masseur is already on his way to your home.


There’s a huge number of them! Sporty, anti-cellulite, lymphatic, relaxing, childish… That’s why it’s so important to be clear about the goals. What exactly do you want to achieve? “Disconnect” from the outside world, deal with extra centimetres, reduce swelling? Be sure to inform the master of all your preferences. In fact, we can combine different techniques and massages in one session,” says GlossyGlobe Egor, a spa therapist. – Therefore, before the start of the session, I must ask the client in detail about what kind of results he wants to achieve. There are no small things here: we have to listen and hear those who trust us to work with their own bodies.

Anti-cellulite massage

A procedure that no other Hollywood star in the world can do without, from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez. Cellulite can even appear in women with an ideal figure without a hint of excess weight, and to cope with it without “heavy artillery” – a massage or hardware techniques – is almost impossible.

Of course, you can try to take some measures yourself, at home: banks, dry brush… But blindly trust the reviews on the Internet and the experience of friends, we still do not advise: all better to rely on professionals. The task of a good specialist is to increase blood circulation and thus eliminate stagnation, which causes the emergence of the notorious orange peel. All manipulations are carried out in the direction from the feet upwards. Unprepared, they may seem a little painful – but that’s perfectly normal. “You don’t have to wait for any discomfort! It’s not the pain you’re going through with your teeth clenched,” Egor continues, “The result after a course of treatments (which you can go through at home with the GlossyGlobe app) really exceeds all expectations: you’ll definitely be the most beautiful girl on the beach. I promise!

Lymphatic drainage massage

Do you know the problem of swelling? Sure you are. Incorrect diet, sedentary lifestyle, drinking disorders… There are actually a lot of reasons for the problem (and it is not always possible to eliminate them). In that case, a lymphatic drainage massage will help.

What is this? What is this? This is a technique that significantly improves the outflow of fluid into lymphatic vessels – and thus allows you to eliminate toxins and toxins from the body. After the first session you will notice a significant improvement: swelling will become less pronounced, and the condition of the face and body will improve. By the way, the general well-being of the massage will also be affected by it: many people note that immediately after the procedure they are ready to turn the mountains (ease in the legs and a powerful rush of strength do their job!).

Sports massage

All ZOH adherents are dedicated to the ZOH! Professional athletes assure: they do not think of their career without a good masseur. Contacts of the “same” specialist are passed on by word of mouth: it is on his hands that depends largely on how effective the training process will be. “The benefits are enormous! Sports massage, first of all, prepares muscles and joints for serious physical activity, – says Eugene from GlossyGlobe. – And secondly, it allows us to cope with the most competent problems that have arisen after training – whether it be spasms, blocks or sprains. That’s why, when it comes to describing the procedure, experts distinguish three types of sports massage – preliminary, training and recovery.

And even if you don’t set yourself the goal of preparing for the Olympics or the World Championships, be sure to take a closer look at at least the restorative massage: it will avoid a huge number of unpleasant consequences. Look at the situation from a rational point of view: those who are not recovering well are less likely to train,” continues Eugene. – Do you want to study in the hall once a week, and then lie on the bed for a week unable to move? I’m sure it’s not. Trust a competent coach and a good masseur. Then everything will definitely work out!

The benefits of home massage: why GlossyGlobe?

  • Never choose a master based on private announcements! Trust trusted professionals. Only the best of the best work in the GlossyGlobe team: according to the statistics, only one in four gets cooperation with the service.
  • The masseur will arrive at a designated time – we know how much you value your time. The enthusiastic reviews speak for themselves
  • No “next customers” – the wizard will give you as much time as you need.
  • Forget the waiting lists for the top masters: if you need a massage at home, we’ll arrange it in minutes.
  • GlossyGlobe guarantees 24/7 support: our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have.

How much is it?

We work every day to ensure that you get a truly quality service for less money. We have two different price rates – you can choose the one that suits you. We vouch for quality. So the answer to the question “how much does it cost?” is simple: inexpensive. The price per session is more than affordable.

How do I order a home massage via GlossyGlobe?

Here everything is very simple: you download the application, and then choose the service and the wizard. And then it’s up to you: study all the proposed masters, their rating, choose the time and click “order”. Wait for confirmation and – voila! – Wait for your specialist (you can track your specialist’s location in real time).


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