5 Things That Makeup Customer Service in Mobile Beauty

5 Things That Makeup Customer Service in Mobile Beauty

Customer service is important in any industry. In the beauty industry this is especially true, as beauty therapists have so much contact with the client, so first impressions and developing customer relationships is vital for any level of success. So here are five tips for outstanding customer service in mobile beauty.


Be on time

If a customer has booked one of your services, they will expect you to show up on time. If you have a bricks-and-mortar shop, your client may be happy to browse some magazines and sip a cup of tea in your waiting room. However, if you are coming to them, they will be watching the clock until you show up. So make punctuality a priority.


Always be polite

The old expression ‘the customer is always right’ can put you in good stead in the mobile beauty industry. You need to put any personal preferences or dislikes aside, because manners are extremely important in this industry. Without constant politeness and consideration for your client, your client base won’t continue to grow.



Regardless of whether you’re in a salon/shop environment, or coming into someone’s home for an appointment, this principle will remain the same. Putting forward a calm, happy attitude will put your client at ease and give them a positive association with your business.


Keep conversation to a minimum

It can be tempting to chat through a client appointment. But especially in regards to services such as facials and massage, it’s important to keep the chit-chat to a minimum. Your client has booked a relaxing escape, and it’s best to let them relax.


Listen to client

Finally, actively listen to your client. You will have the most success with them if you understand their needs and cater your service to their requests wherever possible. It’s then that you’ll get happy clients who will recommend you to everyone they know.

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